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Language and culture

Did you just move to Finland? Or have you already spent some time in Finland and want to improve your language skills? Then this is something for you!

At Kvarnen we have built an efficient environment for learning Swedish or Finnish. The studies are varied, you will meet many people from different countries, and you will get a chance to use the target language in real-life situations.

The language programme offers full-time (or part-time) studies in Swedish or Finnish at a beginner’s or advanced level. The courses begin in August and end in May. However, we accept students continuously throughout the school year. The school day ranges from 9 am – 14 pm. (5 h at school + 2 h of homework) It is possible to combine the studies with part-time work.

The studies are free of charge, but you pay for your own books.

Social science, history, mathematics, and optional studies such as sports, handicrafts, arts, IT, photography, and English are included in the language studies. We offer personal tutoring and student counselling. The students undertake internships during two to four weeks throughout the school year. The language course collaborates with other programmes at Kvarnen and with other schools in the region.


Swedish courses

Literacy course – level 0 – A1
Beginner’s course – level 0 – A2
Advanced course – level A2 – B2

Finnish courses

Beginner’s course – level 0 – A2.1
Advanced course 1 – level A2.1 – B1.1
Advanced course 2 – level A2.2 – B1.2
Advanced course 3 – level B1.1 – B2.1

Språklinjen / Kielilinja
Kronoby folkhögskola, Torgarevägen 4, 68500 Kronoby, Finland

Malin Sandbacka – SWEDISH teacher
tel. 050 433 6698

Anna Berglund – SWEDISH teacher
tel. 040 655 5008

Anna Dahlbacka – SWEDISH teacher

Minna Rasmus  – FINNISH teacher
tel. 040 557 2478

Jenny Pulkkinen – FINNISH teacher
tel. 040 650 1029

Helén Timgren – SWEDISH teacher
tel. 040 556 3979

@sprak_kieli on instagram