From abroad

Information for students arriving from abroad

Reduced quarantine

If you have a negative coronavirus test certificate, performed within no more than 72 hours before the time of your arrival in Finland, you can have another coronavirus test after at least 72 hours since your arrival. If the result of this second test is negative, you can interrupt your self-quarantine.

If you do not have a certificate of a negative coronavirus test from less than 72 hours before, we recommend that you self-quarantine regardless of the length of your stay in Finland.  You can shorten the quarantine by getting a coronavirus test as soon as you arrive in Finland and a second test 72 hours after the first test at the earliest. If the result of both tests is negative, you can stop your self-quarantine.

When waiting for the test results, stay in voluntary quarantine at home or in your accommodation.

Corona testing at the airport or in the regional health station

You can have a test at an airport, the health clinic of your home municipality, or a private medical clinic. If you go to a private clinic, you will have to pay for the test.

Travellers arriving from risk areas to Finland should wear face masks in public areas.

Soite (regional health organization)

The telephone number to Soite is 06-828 7499, for coronavirus councelling as well as booking a time for testing. It can be be reached on weekdays between 8-17 and in weekends between 8-16.


A drive-in test station is located in Kokkola, at Mariankatu 28 (arrival via Terveystie). In the drive-in file you can read the further instructions. Arriving into the drive-in files without having a pre-booked time for testing is forbidden.

Soite’s clients can get the test result as an sms message. Consent for receiving sms can be activated on (choose language, personal login). Go to ”Contact Info” to give your consent. Both two boxes for receiving sms messages should be ticked. The result will be sent to you within 1-5 days. The client should remain in self-quarantine until the result have arrived.

If your test result is positive, Soite will contact you on your mobile.

Regarding arrangements for boarding during the quarantine: contact Kvarnen office, Kaisa Karlström, on 06-8231 500 or