Kvarnen – Kronoby Folk High School

Kvarnen – Kronoby Folk High School and Adult Education Centre

A school, which will soon turn 130 years old – Still filling the house with modern education programs and cultural diversity.

The Folk High School, or Community College, offers full-time education programs. The Adult Education Centre (Kronoby MI) offers open courses with varying content for people of all ages. Students from regional high schools participate in special courses, projects, and group trips. We also engage in national and international development projects as well as arrange short courses, group trips, and seminars.

Our education programs

  • POVAKO – Preparation program for police studies
  • BASE CAMP – 10th grade or an extra school year
  • LANGUAGE COURSES – Swedish and Finnish (beginner and advanced level)
  • SLÖJDTORGET – Hand craft courses (wood, metal, textile)
  • OUTDOOR ACADEMY – Nordic outdoor education (Outdoor Life, Outdoor Guide)
  • KRONOBY MI COURSES – Short term courses at the Adult Education Centre
  • HIGH SCHOOL COURSES – 6-week courses for high school students


An old Swedish word for ‘mill’, signaling energy and development. The mill was traditionally a place of gathering, where important topics were discussed while business was being done. The mill, with its technical solutions, was a symbol of ideas, technological advancement, and development. Our mission is to keep on being a friendly community and a foundation for personal development.

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