Corona virus info (in English)

Read the official information about the Coronavirus COVID-19
(Finnish Institute for Health and Welfare, THL)

Kvarnen’s instructions on how to prevent spreading of Corona virus COVID-19

Updated: Monday 16.3.2020 19:00


Kvarnen (school and MI) will be CLOSED DOWN from 18.3.2020 on, until further notice.


IF YOU BELONG TO A RISK GROUP: stay at home and rest.
IF YOU CATCH A COLD, have a cough, fever or muscle aches: stay at home and rest. If the symtoms worsen, contact the nearest health station for advice: 06-828 7499 (Kronoby-Kokkola) / 06-786 1333 (Pietarsaari-Pedersöre) / 06-786 2701 (Uusikaarlepyy)
DON’T SHAKE HANDS when greeting another person
WASH YOUR HANDS with soap and water, especially before meals
USE DISINFECTANT on your hands whenever disinfectant is available
AVOID UNNECESSARY CLOSE CONTACT (less than 1 meter) with other people